Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Grand Jack's Bookshelf- A Makeover

Grand Jack was my Mom's Dad. I don't have many items that belonged to my grandparents, but for years I have had this simple bookcase that Grandjack  built. It was in my grandmother's garage for as long as I can remember, holding cans of paint and jars of screws and nails. It's a simple piece, but special to me.

 Here is the after photo...

Let's see how many of you can spot the dryer sheet. Junebug drags them everywhere! :)

 Here was the before (and I had already started priming the sides at this point).

It was chippy. And shabby. But not in a good way.

I coated the interior with a very pale greyish color (the result of mixing 3 similar wall color samples into a bucket). I painted the outside with a mixture of two almost empty cans of white chalk paint.

It's hard to photograph this spot because it's in a bit of a narrow pass through area. Here it is from the living room.

This crusty wire frame is so unique. I think it needs an old photo of Grand Jack, don't you? For now all I had was this antique gentleman stranger.

 And I will sign off with these amazing clouds. Aren't they miraculous? I feel close to God when I am under a sky like this. 

 The beauty of this world takes my breath away sometimes. And reminds me that no matter what pretty little projects I do in my home, it will never compare one bit to the beauty up there.

Have a wonderful evening!


Friday, June 27, 2014

Playful Antiques

Heeelllooooo there my good folk! Happy sunny summer day to you.  

As a school teacher, I've always enjoyed my summers off (IMMENSELY). But the older I get the more I seem to use my summer time wisely. 

What use to seem like an eternity, 2 months with my little girls, just flies by these last few summers and I am hyper-aware that these be looked back upon as the best days of my life. It is bittersweet, and the more I try to cherish it the faster it slips by. Even when Miss Junebug is ripping out the flowers in the backyard and leaving them on the doorstep! It's a good thing she's so darn cute.

When life gives you broken zinnias...make a bouquet!

This IS my favorite picture of the day though. Thanks Junebug!

 This summer has already been full of swimming, trips to visit family, ice cream, bicycles and movie nights. Our recent movie night movie was the new Lego movie. Have you seen it? It's so cute. And it has a wonderful message to parents. If you have seen it then you'll recall how the father won't allow his son to play with his "stuff".

It got me to thinking about my antiques and old junk. I have to admit that I can be a little like the dad in the Lego movie when it comes to my treasured collections. Which is ridiculous, I mean it's already old and beat up, right?  So this morning I got out all of my vintage trucks and farm animals and my primitive wooden barn for the girls to play with. 

They have not stopped playing with it all day!! How could I have been such an evil mother to hide it away? Haha

In other news...

I have been on an old sign kick lately. I found this huge old hand painted wood sign in Weatherford,TX last week. 

 I still don't know where it will end up. I'm thinking on the wall outside of my office.

 And I moved "Cowpernia" the cow head into the living room. I just painted that old mirror below her yesterday. It weighs a TON. My plan is to hang it a few inches under her. Don't you think? 

Another thing I'm considering is painting my armoire and moving it to the bedroom. It's just way to big and jutty outty into the living room. It's a small awkward room.  

Here's one more shot I took of the table while my 5 year old was setting it for dinner. I love watching my girls do stuff like that. Tonight we're having my FaVoRiTe meatloaf. I always thought I hated meatloaf until I tasted my MIL's. It's smothered in tomato soup and stewed tomatoes. MMM! We serve it with cooked carrots, rolls and cauliflower with cheese. 

Home cookin'! Fresh flower centerpieces! It's amazing how much time I have to be domestic in the summer. :D

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Floofing a Nook

"Floofing" is a word right? It's like a combo of "poofing" and "fluffing".

I "floofed" my little table in the corner of my dinette area this morning.

 It's just been sitting there with a few boring knick knacks on it. I was scrolling through your updates on facebook, sipping my coffee and staring at this corner of the kitchenette and I got one of those moments that rarely happens... when you get an idea and you have a little free time on your hands to make it happen.

 Note to self: Make sure your lamp is straight when taking photos of it!

Now I want to see a whole room shot! I'm in the middle of a makeover for this space so I promise, a whole room reveal is coming.

That's all ya'll! 
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